Channarit Kaewapichai

Nurse Assistant

  • Nurse Aid (Child and elderly care) (Jana Inter Nursing School, Thailand 2023)

  • General English, Upper-intermediate. (Kingsway Institute, Australia2015)


“My experience with various hospitality jobs has exposed me to a range of human emotions, including love, hope, happiness, and sadness. As a Guest Service Agent (GSA) in a hotel for many years, I interacted with numerous guests who seemed healthy and content with their lives. However, I often found myself pondering about the other side of the coin – how do others live their lives? In today’s world, where people are prone to falling ill due to their lifestyles, I developed a passion for understanding how I can help people lead healthier lives.

Now, I have the opportunity to pursue this passion. I am committed to doing my best to care for our patients’ body and mind, and to provide encouragement to them as we navigate through this journey together.”


Thai, English

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