Chanyut Juntima

Head Nurse

  • Bachelor of Nursing Science (B.N.S), Thailand – 2004

“Our body is a miracle that nature has created, with a truly remarkable connection between physical, emotional and spiritual elements. Healing is a journey. Our body needs time to recover from damages from illnesses, cleanse and rebuild. To support our patients in their healing journey, we provide various therapies and treatments to boost their physical health, ease their emotional burden, reduce stress as well as promote spiritual development. Success in this process requires your dedication and commitment, a holistic approach is imperative in your healing.

With a Bachelor degree in Nursing Science (B.N.S) and over 20 years of experience in nursing care, I have been practicing in the Emergency Department, Intensive Care Unit as well as leading teams at Regenerative Medicine and Integrative Clinics. Due to my personal interests, I have continued to learn and expand my knowledge in Integrative medicine and natural medicine. I am always motivated to widen my experience and knowledge at all levels and share them with my team, especially ways to assist our patients and their families in this holistic care process.

I see this as a valuable task of my duty as a nurse and I look forward to welcome you to our center”


Thai, English

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