Chintara Noiyupha

Nurse (Oncology)​

  • Bachelor of Nursing Science (B.N.S), Thailand – 2006

“The most miraculous living beings are humans, given their complexity and diversity. Ongoing studies and advancements continuously shape our understanding and evolution. Similar to our human body, due to our modern lifestyles, more “diseases” exist in the recent decades, but due to medical advancements, we understand our body better and developed various treatment options. Over my 17 years as a nurse and 13 years caring for cancer patients, I’ve witnessed diverse treatment choices. Medical interventions affect 50%, while the remaining 50% stems from the patient’s mindset. Patients with positive attitudes often show better outcomes, impacting physical health, side effects, nutrition, and overall resilience. Beyond medications, daily nursing involves providing emotional support, empowering patients and their families. Close relationships play a vital role, contributing to confidence in care, covering physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects. I recall a story of a caregiver who hugged their cancer patient daily, leading to a prolonged life. As a nurse, I’m committed to delivering the best experience, ensuring patients and families find strength and happiness in their journey.”


Thai, English

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