Darren Scherbain, B.A.

Head of Physiology and Movement

  • Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology, University of Winnipeg
    Specialized in Exercise Physiology and Human Movement
  • Bachelor of Arts in Political science, University of Winnipeg
    Major in Political Science with a Minor in Philosophy

Growing up in Canada, with a hockey stick in my hand, I loved to spend hours on the rink in freezing temperatures. Summers were spent working out on the farm, at camp, or getting my bike dirty. From an early age, I always felt my happiest when I was playing outside and moving around. This passion for playing and moving guided me into a degree from the University of Winnipeg in Kinesiology.

My early years in the sport science field were devoted to human performance and muscle physiology. Understanding the science of sports field helped me race in 5 Ironman Triathlons. Like any journey in life, it takes twists and turns. Over the last seven years, I have specialized in sarcopenia, chronic disease, and oncology exercise.

Because of my yearning to learn more and to learn something different, I wanted to work with people diagnosed with cancer. I want to be challenged and grow in new ways.

The team here at Oasis sets a new standard with its multi-modality and team approach. There is always something new to learn and having the support to implement new ideas. Every person on the team has a voice that is valued and respected. Each member of the team contributes to a new systemic milieu to reclaim health for our patients. There is the bigger picture at work and each team member plays an important role in that work.

What excites me is that Oncology Exercise is still in its infancy. Over the past two decades clinical attention has focused on the efficacy of exercise therapy as an adjunct strategy following a cancer diagnosis. Movement is medicine; excessive and prolonged inactivity has been established to have a definitive role in the pathogenesis of many chronic diseases.


English, French

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