Dr. Pruetha Tantasanee, MD, MSc., CNW

Staff Physician

  • Master’s degree in clinical dermatology
  • Board Certified in Nutritional Wellness (ANCB’s CNW)
  • American Board of Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine. (ABAARM)

During Dr. Pruetha’s riveting journey as a fellowship-trained dermatologic surgeon, the narrative takes a dramatic turn as he encounters numerous patients grappling with the formidable adversary—cancer. This pivotal experience sparks a profound curiosity within him. Driven by the desire to unravel the mysteries of cancer and explore avenues for prevention, he embarks on a quest to defy the conventional boundaries of medical practice.

Recognizing that cancer often lurks in the shadows, taking its time before manifesting, Dr. Pruetha becomes a relentless seeker of proactive measures. Intrigued by the possibilities, he delves into the realms of anti-aging and regenerative medicine, as well as the fascinating field of lifestyle medicine. His mission? To unearth innovative approaches that not only address the symptoms but also preemptively guard against the onset of this insidious disease.

Dr. Pruetha’s journey becomes a narrative of exploration and discovery, weaving together the intricate threads of dermatology, nutritional wellness, anti-aging, and regenerative medicine. With each chapter of his career, he seeks to not only treat but to transform the landscape of healthcare, offering a beacon of hope to those at risk of facing the relentless grip of cancer.


English, Thai

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