Dr. Thanikarn Supanich, MD, MSc., CNW

Staff Physician

  • Preventive Medicine Board, Master’s Degree in Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine
  • Board Certified in Nutritional Wellness (ANCB’s CNW)
  • American Board of Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine. (ABAARM)

Dr. Thanikarn, a Thai licensed medical doctor, graduated from Cebu Doctor’s University, Philippines with research experience in molecular biology in Okayama University, Japan and Heart Institute for Children, Hope Children’s Hospital, Chicago, Illinois and US clinical observership. She is Thai National Board Certified in Preventive Medicine, received Master of Science in Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine, American Board in Nutritional Wellness and Antiaging and Regenerative Medicine.

I have been an allopathic doctor for more than 10 years working in ER and OPD in both private and public hospitals serving Thai and International patients. What I see the commonality among all hospitals that I worked in is that my patients from OPD will eventually see me at ER, I came to my own conclusion that treatment according to guideline by using medicine/drugs, operation, radiation, chemotherapy, etc. could prolong life, but there are ways far more hidden intriguing to our health equation than what is the obvious. I start questioning myself of whether or not am I on the right path. Among all thoughts, I came to realize that the 1st thing that I can do to keep my passion as a doctor going is to put myself on the front line to prevent rather than cure. Knowledge and self-awareness is the key to all diseases. So I dedicated myself in the field of Preventive Medicine in various perspectives from anti-aging, regeneration, lifestyle modification, nutrition, emotional well-being and spirituality and realized how important it is for us to go back and connect to our natural way.  I believe that health is a dynamic process that we can choose to empower through the way we exercise, sleep, nourish ourselves with nutritious foods and find balance in different dimensions of life to heal ourselves.


English, Thai

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