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Mental Wellbeing

(Holistic healing through Disciplined Lifestyle)

Our healing program is a fundamental part of the holistic treatment approach at Oasis Healing Asia. We focus on working at all levels of the personality to treat the root cause of the illness. A disciplined lifestyle is a natural and mindful daily routine to live harmoniously with nature. We may think of cancer as a purely physical illness, but this is far from the truth.

Mental health is intrinsically linked to our physical health. Modern science and the field of psychoimmunology clearly explain the connection between our psychological state and our immune system. In other words, how the mind affects our immunity. This can be understood very easily if we understand the negative effect stress has on the immune system and other vital functions in the body required for healing and maintaining health.

As humans, we have an inbuilt response mechanism to stress known as the “fight or flight” response. This acute response is designed for when we are in the presence of danger. It is triggered by the release of certain hormones, such as cortisol and adrenaline, that prepare your body to either stay and deal with a potential threat or to run away to safety. When this happens it temporarily suppresses non-vital functions in the body, for example, our immune system and digestive system.

In today’s day and age, many of us are chronically stressed and this fight or flight response (which is meant to only be activated for a short period of time to aid our survival) becomes chronically activated. The widespread negative effects of chronic stress on the mind and body are contributing factors to the onset of most chronic “dis-ease”. This is especially the case with regard to cancer, given the importance of a healthy immune system to stop cancerous cells from growing and spreading.

Moreover, any person recently diagnosed with cancer will undoubtedly be dealing with deep emotional stress and fear related to this life-threatening diagnosis. It is for this reason, why it is so fundamentally important to help all patients manage their stress and support them during the treatment program with their mental health.

The keys to healing are largely in the mind and the roots of cancer are psychospiritual.

It is also important to understand that, with patients who do not find ways to manage their stress levels and heal emotional trauma, success rates are often lower. If the mind is in a state of high stress or anxiety, the efficacy of the physical treatments will be compromised.

Dr. Thomas Lodi, the founder of Oasis, often reminds patients that the keys to healing are largely in the mind and the roots of cancer are psychospiritual.

If we do not address the condition at a root level, naturally, the chances of full healing will be greatly reduced. Furthermore, the probability of recurrence will be increased even if one is able to eliminate cancer through physical interventions alone. It is for this reason that stress reduction and management, releasing emotional trauma and spiritual development are key to making a full recovery from cancer and keeping it at bay long-term.

Our approach to health and well-being is to adopt a disciplined lifestyle following the principle of an individual biorhythm tuned with the environmental cycle and developing awareness. By living life with awareness one can not only prevent any illness but can manage and go through a rehabilitation process to get back to good health.

Spiritual physiology describes that an individual is made up of five layers of personality (sheath):

  • Food body or physical body
  • Energy body
  • Mental body
  • Intellectual or wisdom body
  • Blissful body

All these sheaths are interrelated to each other. 

For health and well-being, we need to balance all layers of the personality. Only a holistic and integrated approach with a positive attitude and awareness can heal an individual. 

Another important aspect of healing is the flow of energy. Our energy flows in five different ways for the proper functioning of an organ or system.

  • Upward moving energy flows around the chest.
  • Downward moving energy flows in the pelvic region.
  • Lateral moving energy flows left to right and vice versa near the abdominal region.
  • Circular moving energy flows in our limbs and head.
  • Reserve energy flows during emergencies.

If we can ensure the correct flow of energy through the right sequence of physical postures in our body, then we can create better coordination among all organs. We can also send energy to a specific part by focusing or bringing awareness to that part. Wherever our awareness goes, energy follows. 

This energy flows through the subtle channels (Nervous system), which are different from blood vessels and can not be seen physically. We have thousands of these energy channels, but 3 are most important to control all physical and mental activities. Modern science explains it as a nervous system. Through various breathing techniques, we can control or balance our nervous system or physical and mental state.

  • Yin or feminine or Moon flows in the left nostril activates the parasympathetic nervous system.
  • Yang or masculine or Sun flows in the right nostril activates the sympathetic nervous system.
  • Central spinal or the state of balance, is a highly spiritual and powerful healer.

By addressing and working at all sheaths (physical, mental, intellectual, spiritual) with proper supply or flow of energy to every cell can ensure health and well-being in an individual. Following these principles with awareness, the right approach, and a positive attitude, one can evolve as a healthy and happy human being. The powerful yogic technique can be used for prevention, management, and rehabilitation.

Holistic Integrated Practical Technique:

1. Social Code of Conduct – by developing awareness of an individual, family, society, health, environment, and lifestyle.

2. Personal Code of Conduct – hygiene, self-analysis, discipline, and balanced daily routine.

3. Physical Postures/Movements –Because cancer symptoms are always in the body, and gradually, it starts attacking surrounding organs, physical movements are very important to save other organs and encourage blood circulation to ensure oxygen supply to the cells.

Movement with awareness helps to develop a better understanding and sensitivity of any subtle change in the body. It helps to detect cancer in the early stage and gives strength to fight any illness. The lymphatic system starts functioning at the optimum level.

4. Breathing Technique – These techniques are the most powerful healer. Through controlled breathing, you can supply oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from the cell. It helps to purify the blood, rejuvenate cells, remove blockages from the nerves, balance the nervous system, and increase the alkalinity of the blood naturally.

5. Sub Conscious or Psychic Sleep – Healing is not possible without physical & mental relaxation. This practice not only gives deep physical & mental relaxation but also removes subconscious and unconscious stress, anxiety, fear, and trauma. During the practice session, an individual goes into a subconscious state by disconnecting the mind from sense organs, which gives deep relaxation and enhances healing.

6. Detox – There are 3 direct detox practices for internal organs with salted lukewarm water to clean nasal passage, lungs, esophagus, stomach, and intestine. It removes excess mucus and acid from the body and gives the feeling of freshness and purity.

Two other powerful detox practices are for the mind. The technique of forceful exhalation cleans the frontal lobe of the brain and lungs. Gazing a flame is detox as well as meditation to remove negativity, anxiety, insomnia, and also directly control mental & emotional imbalance.

7. Meditation – We use various meditation techniques according to the needs of an individual. These meditation techniques including inner silence, breath awareness, body space awareness, and visualization are powerful for accepting reality and facing challenges with a calm and peaceful mind. Most of the time, if done with the right guidance and understanding, one can detect and remove the root cause of the illness. The brain produces all happy hormones. It has soothing effects on the mind and helps to increase the healing process at the cellular level.

Because mental and emotional well-being is an important part of cancer healing, therefore in our Oasis Center the technique of psychoimmunology of both body and mind is taught to the students, who have the opportunity to practice throughout the day, so that they can not only learn but experience the process of healing under expert guidance and can develop healthy habits. Through simple and research-based techniques students can learn to relax, stay calm, positive, and peaceful to boost the healing process.

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