Phatthranit Boriboondee

Patient Care Counsellor and Arabic Interpreter

  • Bachelor of The Principles of Religion, Jordan – 2016
  • Bachelor of The Principles of Religion, Egypt – 2011

“If you are one of those people who once dreamed of becoming a ‘doctor’ but in the end you did not have the opportunity to study medicine as you dreamed.

However, one day you found out that you have the opportunity to help people in other ways as you’ve always dreamed. Will you seize that opportunity?”

Salma dreamed of being a ‘doctor’ since childhood. Her grandmother was ill since Salma was still young. She accompanied her mother to hospitals very often to look after her grandmother and she felt that hospital was like her second home.

Things didn’t go as planned for Salma so she didn’t get to study medicine and she studied Islamic studies instead. She has been learning Arabic over the years and when she graduated from university in Jordan, she had the opportunity to work and interact with Arab people from various nationalities. There were opportunities to study and work in many Arab countries and she was very grateful that she was given the opportunity to work as an Arabic interpreter in a hospital where she could help sick people in a way that she loved. This is not just translating the language, but also helps to take care, give encouragement and advice to patients on how to change their lifestyles to restore their health.

“Over 10 years of working experience caring for Arab patients in leading private hospitals has allowed me to gain knowledge in various fields of health until I became an expert in many fields. The starting point that gave me the opportunity to study alternative medicine and holistic healthcare was due to my father’s cancer diagnosis. My siblings and I refused conventional treatments that would cause harm to my father and we worked together to find a cure for my father. We all know very well that to treat various diseases,. one of the most important things is the mental state, because if the patient’s mental state is poor and discouraged, whether it is medicine or treatment that everyone says is the best in the world, it will not help curing the patient at all.

Thankfully, we managed to convince my father and assured him that we will do our best to find the right cancer treatment for him until he is cured. As a result, I had the opportunity to get to know medical personnel and co-workers who also love the idea of helping cancer patients the right way to heal. When the opportunity arose, I quickly embraced the chance of being a part of patient care team along with other medical professionals at Oasis Healing Asia, and I am very confident that Oasis Healing Asia will be more than just a healing center, it will be a strong community of health-conscious people and we intend to make everyone feel like coming to a warm and welcoming home.


Thai, English, Arabic

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