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School of Life

Perhaps one of the greatest lies ever woven into the assumptions of humanity is that ‘health is impossible, and disease is inevitable’. In fact, this belief is so deeply ingrained into our culture that we even plan on losing our health and becoming ill. We have accepted that sickness is so certain that we purchase “health insurance” (“disease” insurance) in order to be prepared for the inevitable and costly medical “care”.

Understanding that we were educated and groomed for sickness from birth, it becomes clear that we consider health to be a mere transient period in our early life, hence we prepare ourselves for a life of sickness, doctors, and hospitals instead of a joyful and energetic childhood full of dreams followed by a productive and animated adulthood and vigorous old age.

Tragically, this cultural education and training “program” works so well that we have turned to “medical science”, and science in general as our religion. We no longer seek the advice of our clergy, but rather our doctors instead. We even visit the “disease” centers (hospitals) when we are NOT sick in order to “prevent” the inevitable illness waiting around the corner. And we are rewarded with synthetic, patented chemicals giving us false hope that we have somehow warded off a dreaded illness. We bring our children kicking and screaming to “well baby” and “well child” examinations, where they are inoculated with poisons that we are told will prevent some future illness that would otherwise await our doomed children. 

Unfortunately, these practices only serve to hasten the onset and severity of the illnesses that we spend our lives trying to avoid. We get ill (as planned) and our doctor visits become more and more frequent until we find ourselves receiving invasive, toxic procedures and ultimately are admitted to a hospital where we are overwhelmed by toxic protocols, fed with chemical-laden substances that they call “food” and ultimately “swallowed up” by machines in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). We are now born and die in hospitals and spend a great deal of our lives visiting them from infancy throughout our entire adult life.

As a consequence of the “disease is inevitable” paradigm of our cultures, aging and degeneration are accelerated, and then the latter parts of our unnecessarily shortened lives are spent in suffering. Sadly, and quite predicatively, the prophecy becomes reality… the ‘school of disease’ graduates almost all its’ students. 

The antidote to living the false and contrived assumption that illness awaits us all is the Oasis School of Life

To correct these false teachings and redirect people towards the truth that ‘health is our birthright’, we have developed the Oasis School of Life.


The curriculum of the school is designed to achieve the following:

A. Change the knowledge base from false to true (database)
B. Acquire skills for living a life of health
C. Experience health

A. Rebuilding the knowledge base or “relearning” consists of lectures that cover all the areas that apply to our fundamental belief system about life and health.

  1. Introduction to our ‘Earthsuit’ (body)
  2. What this ‘Earthsuit’ needs for optimal function
  3. How to fulfill the fundamental needs of the ‘Earthsuit’
  4. What is Human Food?
  5. Cleansing through fasting and liquid diets (juicing)
  6. Waste elimination …. Method of hygiene for both ends of the tube
  7. Optimal sleep habits and patterns
  8. Stress management and spiritual wellbeing 
  9. Avoidance of Environmental toxins 
  10. Understanding relationship dynamics
  11. Movement (Exercise)

B. Each lecture will be associated with specific practical training in order to acquire the skills necessary to live consistently with this new knowledge.

  1. Recognize and purchase real human food (where and how).
  2. Prepare food without destroying its nutritional quality.

Skills to be Learned:

Methods to make food taste as good as cooked food without cooking it (8 entrees)

    • Dehydrating
    • 5 different salad dressings
    • Fermenting
    • Snacks (8)
    • Smoothies and juice (8)
    • Sprouting
  1. Physical movement
    • Will learn the science behind movement, the immune system, the nervous system, and all other systems.
    • Stretching and Body Movement
    • Breathing exercises
    • Energy Expansion and Movement Exercises
    • Movement snacks

C. If all the above is learned but the impact on health is not experienced, then it remains a theory …. Theory alone is not enough to change lives… Experience is needed to bring life to theory, just as the breath is necessary to invoke life in the body.

  1. Experience a juice cleanse or water fast
  2. Colon hydrotherapy twice a week
  3. Manual and electro-lymphatic draining sessions several times a week and rebounding
  4. Mindfulness and meditation
  5. Sleeping early
  6. The basis of the program takes 4 weeks and there is an advanced program available with an additional 4 weeks.

Please notice that this is a school from which you DO want to graduate.

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