Sirirat Mongkolnawarat

Patient Care Counsellor

  • Faculty of Arts, Chinese Major, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand – June 2020

Having grown up with a dad who has never been to the hospital once in his life, Fern adopted the healthy lifestyle from her dad at a very young age; from eating vegetables and grains, taking supplementary products (Prevention is better than cure.) to exercising after school.

Knowing that “Oasis Healing Asia” can help many people recover from cancer and introduce them to a healthier and better lifestyle, she joined the team without hesitation despite her bachelor’s degree in Arts. To her, Dr. Lodi’s ways of “stopping the cancer” are more promising to the body and mind as well as more sustainable. She believes that the path she has been on has led her to a life-changing and history-making place as Oasis Healing Asia.

Fern is ready to help and support the patients at Oasis Healing Asia together with the medical team through her Thai, English and Chinese language skills. 


Thai, English, Chinese

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