Our Mission, Vision
& Philosopy


To establish a science-based, comprehensive cancer center with the goal of restoring people who have been diagnosed with cancer back to health. This center is intended to serve as a prototype that can be replicated around the world in any culture since cancer is a true pandemic that is responsible for 1 out of 6 deaths worldwide.


Our vision is to establish what we have learned over the past 38 years to be the most effective healing center for cancer that not only causes no harm and eliminates cancer but restores total body health. 

The first one is being built in Bangkok and the second one will be in Phuket, where there will be villas for people to live in while on their journey back to health. From there, we will most likely open one more in northern Thailand and then expand to the rest of Southeast Asia, from Vietnam to Malaysia to Indonesia to India.


Our Philosophy of Healing

Health is the Natural condition of all creatures and is the consequence of each performing its function in the niche or habitat out of which its role emerged.

Humanity has become separated from Nature to the extent that it no longer functions out of instinct but rather out of a multitude of cultural interpretations, each of which views Nature as contrary, unpredictable, dangerous, and in need of being subdued and even conquered. 

This fundamental worldview has spawned the ‘battle,’ of “man vs nature” which has raged for untold millennia and resulted in what is known as, ‘civilization’ fabricated equally out of, both arrogance and ignorance.  The unfortunate but predictable results of artificial living have produced and blanketed the earth with destructive machines, poisonous chemicals, electromagnetic frequencies that disrupt the body’s healthful rhythms, and psychological dysfunction and deviation through an overwhelming amount of disinformation, misinformation, and untruths.

Our purpose then is to inspire those lost in the myth of disease to take back their birthright of exuberant health through our holistic cancer program. The health of the body is unbound energy and that of the mind is joy. Each of us must be a living example of how health is manifested in the human form and inspire those that we meet with the knowledge, vitality, and optimism to awaken and provoke in them the memory of childhood’s promise, that anything is possible as we laugh and skip along to the harmony of Nature.

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